Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Interviews Offers New Insight

The development team spills the beans on some of Remake's secrets!

04.30.20 - 12:44 PM

If you've finished the Final Fantasy VII Remake, you probably have... several questions. Fortunately, the Japanese-exclusive Ultimania book has launched, and it may hold some of the answers you're looking for! Thanks to user >@aitaikimochi on Twitter, we now have translations of some of the Ultimania's interview with Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura, and she is steadily uploading more information as well. Check out some highlights down below!

How the Final Fantasy VII Remake is considered the fifth installment of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII:

How the title of "Remake" has two meanings:

Wanting to develop characters further and the drive for realism. Plus, deleted scenes:

Cloud trying to act cool:

There's a lot more interesting information in the Ultimania guide that will be of interest to hardcore Final Fantasy VII fans, including the official ages of the Turks and some neat little connections to the Compilation.

The Turks:


Here's an interesting description of the Whispers/Arbiters of Fate, one of the more controversial elements of the VII Remake:

Definitely give @aitaikimochi a follow for more updates on the world of the Final Fantasy VII Remake! Hopefully, we get an English language translation of this book in the West, or some of the information makes it into the upcoming World Guide that's coming out in the Fall. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more coverage of the Final Fantasy VII Remake!

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