Strategy RPG Tears of Avia Showcases Combat and Story in New Gameplay Trailer

Turn-based battling awaits!

05.03.20 - 1:03 PM

Publisher PQube has unveiled a new trailer for Tears of Avia, an upcoming strategy RPG, developed by CooCooSqueaky, that fuses turn-based battling and anime visuals to interesting splendour. Check it out below!

Tears of Avia boasts a great degree of flexibility, allowing players to mix and match over 100 skills across skill trees and weapon abilities, as well as promising players the choice of traditional (warrior, mage, ranger, healer) or non-traditional party compositions, highlighting balance for whatever avenue is chosen. Alongside character growth, PQube promises that players can synergise their skills and attacks to combo off one another, forming chains of attacks that will do a staggering amount of damage to foes fought across the land of Estera.

All in all, another strategy RPG to keep eyes peeled on in the coming months!

Tears of Avia is set to launch during summer for PC, via Steam, and Xbox One! Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news RPG!