Planet Stronghold 2 Review: Something to Offer for Fans of Sci-Fi, RPGs, and VNs

Sounds like a more than satisfying mix to me!

05.03.20 - 3:37 PM

Planet Stronghold 2 Review

Balancing multiple genres can be a difficult act. The first Planet Stronghold game saw Winter Wolves attempt to do this with a sci-fi setting as its backdrop, and the results were mixed. 9 years after the first instalment, the team are back, with new alliances and lots more decisions to make. On first impressions, Planet Stronghold 2 seems to have learned lessons from the mistakes of the first game, but does that carry through to the end?

Our visual novel expert, Audra Bowling definitely seems to think so, and believes that this game makes for an engaging sequel. Read Audra's review of Planet Stronghold 2 to find out exactly how this game skyrockets through your expectations!

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