(Officially) Introducing a New Podcast Experience at RPGFan

Embedded players, new platforms, and more!

05.03.20 - 8:40 PM

Hello, podcast fans! We've mentioned this in our most recent posts for Random Encounter and Retro Encounter, but we recently changed our podcast hosting service, and updated or added our shows to several new podcast platforms. I wanted to take a moment to explain what this means for you. For us at RPGFan, this change basically makes publishing new episodes much, much easier each week.

New Feeds

If you subscribe to our podcasts, in most cases your feeds should have automatically updated when we switched over. This isn't always the case, since different services handle this in their own ways. We've been manually updating/requesting updates whenever we can. If you aren't seeing the most recent episodes of Random Encounter (168) or Retro Encounter (234), your service/app may still be fetching the old feed. Here's what we've learned can work:

  • Try unsubscribing and re-subscribing to the show(s) in your app. That often solves the issue.
  • If you need to manually add an RSS feed somewhere, you will find the new feed links at the end of this post and on our all-new Podcasts page.
  • Some podcast platforms are still caching our old feed. If you see multiple results for our shows, look for the ones that begin with "RPGFan's" - our old feed begins with "RPG Fan's" with a space. We hope to get the old feeds de-listed, so you won't want to use those.
  • We know certain platforms are out of date; Google in particular changed their system recently to one in which they tell YOU when a podcast is available, moving away from their former direct submission process. Again, we're working to get them to update our feeds.

New Platforms
We've had our shows listed in Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) from the beginning, and added Google Play later. Luckily, many podcast apps base their feeds on one of these, so in most cases people have been able to follow the new feeds in many apps. We wanted to make it clear which platforms we're on, so we've added buttons to our shows in many popular services. In addition to these, we are now on Spotify! We're evaluating which other platforms make sense for us in the future, so keep an eye on the site, and if you have a suggested platform, email me!

Usability Improvements
As you may have noticed, by moving to our new host, we're able to finally offer a spiffy embedded audio player, with full support for common podcast-listening features like skipping forward and back, and variable listening speeds! We are very happy about this, because we never liked having to simply link to an mp3 file. We hope you find this a much more enjoyable way to listen to our shows from RPGFan itself.

The Shows
Finally, we arrive at The Goods, i.e. all the links we can throw at you for all three of our podcasts, along with a sample player for the latest episode.

And, yes, I know. Rhythm Encounter remains on hiatus, but it's not actually cancelled (believe it or not), and it too gets a new feed. We will have more news on the future of our beloved music show later this year.

Random Encounter

Retro Encounter

Rhythm Encounter