THQ Nordic Gains Risen and Sacred Properties In Acquisition

A hearty booty for the future, perhaps?

05.07.20 - 4:51 PM

THQ Nordic and Koch Media have announced their acquisitions of a few notable intellectual properties, namely the Risen and Sacred franchises, of note to RPG players around the globe.

Risen Logo

The acquisition of these properties means that remasters, remakes, ports and sequels can be developed by THQ Nordic in both the Risen and Sacred series, with the companies stating that they "...have something in mind already."

The Risen series, developed by Pirahna Bytes, is an action-RPG fantasy series that has tapped into different settings and veins of culture throughout its entries, including pirate based shenanigans as well as pseudo-Euro fantasy land romps. Its last entry was Risen 3: Titan Lords, released in 2014.

Sacred 2 Screenshot

The Sacred series, developed by Ascaron, is an isometric action-RPG, utilising and set in classical fantasy tropes and trappings that player-created adventurers interact with and explore throughout, in the spiritual vein of Diablo or the FATE video game series.

As it stands, fans of both of these series' potentially have a lot to look forward to in future, with THQ Nordic and Koch Media at the helm.

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