Action RPG Children of Morta Gets Second Update Adding New Game+ Mode And Expanded Lore

A generational RPG gets more and more!

05.09.20 - 10:35 PM

Developer Dead Mage and publisher 11 bit studios have released a new content update for Children of Morta, an isometric roguelike RPG where players take on the role of generations of the Bergson family line, protecting an ancient ancestral bastion known as Mount Morta. The new content update, 'Setting Sun Inn' is both free and expands both the lore of the game, as well as adding a New Game+ mode for players to test their mettle against. Check out a trailer below!

New Game+ in Children of Morta encourages players to undertake the story of the Bergson family line again. It promises both further challenging content as well as mechanical upgrades in the form of increased skill point caps for characters and further upgrade tiers in the Workshops that players eventually unlock in their playthrough of Children of Morta. The lore of the Bergson family has also been enhanced through 50 cumulative pieces of story-laden content, in the form of new cutscenes, hub events within the Bergson home and side quests that hopefully further enrich the lore of Children of Morta and Rea, the world in which the game is set.

As it stands, Children of Morta sets itself within an intriguing conceit and with updates consistently slated to release for the foreseeable future, there's never been a better time to jump in!

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