Twitch Sunday: Sakura Wars

*singing* Sa-ku-ra, sa-ku-ra!

05.16.20 - 10:39 PM

It's spring, and it's not too late for sakura viewing in our stream this Sunday (5/17), where we're bringing you Sakura Wars with Kyle. This reboot of the classic strategy RPG series with an anime/dating sim vibe was released recently, not to be confused with its classic twin. The latest installment is notable for its action-oriented gameplay, which should be very fun to watch. Add designs by Ken
Sugimori (of Pokémon fame) and an adorable mascot named Peanut and it's prime stream viewing! Please join us tomorrow at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT via our Twitch channel or Twitch page. Fancy anime attire is optional.

Sakura Wars Banner