Hero Must Die. Again Review: A Concept That May Be Worth Dying For, But That's All

A unique premise let down by a forgettable game.

05.24.20 - 6:01 PM

Hero Must Die. Again Screenshot

Unique concepts are all well and good, but it's the execution that counts. Hero Must Die. Again is a game where, despite having saved the world, the hero has died. By some good fortune, he is resurrected and granted a further five days to live. What he does with those five days is up to you. You can help the citizens, explore dungeons, or try and work towards the true goal of saving your beloved once and for all. And if you're unsatisfied, you can start those five days all over again.

While the premise is certainly different, what surrounds it is a disappointingly generic RPG. To find out why Hero Must Die. Again didn't strike a chord with me, you should read my review of the game!

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