Final Fantasy XI-Themed Collaboration Returns to Final Fantasy XIV

Now's your chance to nab a cool armor set.

05.29.20 - 8:08 AM

Final Fantasy XI Armor Set for Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XI-themed collaboration event has returned to Final Fantasy XIV. Titled The Maiden's Rhapsody: Memories of an Unseen Realm, this events brings the worlds of Vana'diel and Eorzea together, and allows XIV players to get some cool exclusive gear: the Amatsu armor set pictured above, inspired by FFXI's Iroha. The event is live now, and runs until June 22nd.

By speaking to Remumu, an NPC located in Limsa Lominsa who works for the Harbor Herald, players will be able to initiate the event. Unfortunately, this is a one-time gig: if you've completed The Maiden's Rhapsody before, you won't be able to participate again, but it's a great opportunity for newer players to experience this storyline.

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