Retro Encounter Final Thoughts: Mother 3

Right in the feels.

05.31.20 - 7:23 PM

Mother 3 Final Thoughts Banner

Mother 3 released in Japan in 2006. It's 2020 now, and it seems that the game's fandom has never slowed down, despite the lack of an official English release. And as much as we all should logically understand the game may never come to the West - even when there is a wildly popular console that already has two built-in 'virtual' console collections - hope always remains. That the series is still being talked about, what with a new book coming out in Japan, perhaps speaks to this ongoing hope.

That said, it was high time we featured Mother 3 on RPGFan, so if you have yet to hear the most recent episodes of Retro Encounter, be sure to check out both Part I and Part II of the team's game journal on Itoi's classic. When you're ready for the final thoughts from Michael Sollosi, Alana, Zach, and Jo, you'll want to give their Mother 3 Final Thoughts a read. They are the longest collection of Final Thoughts we've ever done for Retro Encounter, and after more than 55 such articles, that should tell you something.

Hopefully we will have more to say about the Mother series as the year progresses, if we are going to continue being teased with more. And if so, you'll hear it here.

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