The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Showcases the Black Boar Inn Within New Gameplay Video

A hub to rest, recharge, and inquire!

06.01.20 - 11:27 PM

Wild River Games has released a new gameplay video for their upcoming action-RPG The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, showcasing the Black Boar Inn; an intrinsic hub area for adventurers within the world of Aventuria, the game's setting. Check it out below!

As seen above, players can use the Black Boar Inn as a hub for a number of features involving gameplay, atmosphere, and lore in varying amounts. Hirelings can be employed at the Inn for players who intend to play solo in their experience, at the start of the game. An upgrade system using cards is also in play, encouraging players to see a fortune teller to either upgrade their characters a minute amount in the short term or vast amounts in the long term if they're willing to invest the necessary resources.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Screenshots

If world-building is more up the alley, players can access a shelf within the Inn that will give information on gameplay elements as well as in-universe lore for world of Aventuria. A merchant exists within the inn solely to lighten the packs of adventurers for coin alongside a personal stash to store items found on adventures for times when they might be needed.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Screenshots

Crafting will also be a key part of the experience that The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes has to offer, with both a blacksmith and alchemical lab available within the Inn to upgrade and outfit characters for ever-extending adventure. Lastly, the notice board will allow players to go on adventures with three other players, or solo.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes looks to be a potential timesink for action-RPG fans in the future, infused with its tabletop roots! If you're curious about the making of such an RPG, check out our previous news, penned by Tyler Trosper.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is set to launch on June 9th on Windows PC systems, via the Steam store.

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