Feature: Great Games to Play While You're Still at Home

Get lost!... i-in these magical alternate worlds, I mean. Sorry about that.

06.06.20 - 4:51 PM

Great Games to Play While You're Still at Home

If you're reading this, you know video games are great for lots of things: exploring vast landscapes, giving us a feeling of accomplishment, providing an escape from a difficult day, and even socializing with our friends. Without leaving the comfort of our home, we can experience incredible joy just from picking up a controller.

Over the last couple of months, of course, we have been advised to stay home. And while many stay at home orders have lifted, we've still been advised to stay home when possible. Thankfully, we've had video games to help keep us company. So, we decided to share the games that have personally been helpful through these difficult times. Hopefully you find a few here that might be great for you, too.

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