Twitch Sunday: Transistor

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06.07.20 - 1:09 PM

We've been discussing some coverage for Supergiant recently, so I'm happy to announce Kyle streaming Transistor today at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT. Transistor is Supergiant's second title, and a very stylish action-techno-mystery. One of the highlights of Transistor is the aesthetic, so this makes it an excellent choice to watch on a stream. I love the idea of the player character using battle Functions to take on a destructive and mysterious Process in the city, and if that idea amuses you too, there will be more of that in the stream later today. Take a look at this review in the meantime, and please join us on our Twitch channel or Twitch page. Please also note that Transisitor is available on mobile.

Transistor Banner