Neptunia Virtual Stars Comes To The West In 2021

VTubers and hack n' slash combat? Count me in!

06.08.20 - 8:18 PM

Idea Factory International are excited to announce that the newest entry in the Neptunia series, Neptunia Virtual Stars, will be coming to the west in both physical and digital formats in 2021!

Neptunia Virtual Stars

In the dimension of Virtualand, virtual planets exist which contain the ability to create a new commodity called Content. In Virtualand there is one planet called EMO, which has recently been targeted by the nefarious group Anti, who exist solely to destroy content. With the decimation of EMO, VTubers, popular live-streamers from Earth, were summoned to Virtualand in order to bring new content. However, these events did not go unnoticed by Anti, who quickly kidnapped all of the VTubers, turning them into data pockets known as V Cubes.

In a final desperate attempt, Fair, the Virtual Goddess and leader of planet EMO, sends out a distress signal to the multiverse. Fortunately, two groups respond to the call: Members of the group MEWTRAL and rising VTube Stars Mi and Yu, and the Goddesses of Gamindustri: Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert. The fate of Virtualand now rests on their shoulders, and a musical showdown unlike any other is about to begin!

Neptunia Virtual Stars

Neptunia Virtual Stars is set to release in the west in 2021 for the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite games!

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