Banner of the Maid Review: Shake Up History in This Unique Take on the French Revolution

Command an army as the famous Napoleon Bonaparte's younger (and cooler) sister.

06.09.20 - 8:25 PM

Banner of the Maid Screenshot

June is here, and we're right at the time where we'd normally be talking about E3. While that isn't happening this year, there is a lot of gaming news and announcements brewing, as soon as tomorrow!

So before we get swamped in what's coming next, let's take a look at a tactical RPG from earlier this year, Banner of the Maid. While I could give you a short description of the game as being one part French Revolution, one part Final Fantasy Tactics, and one part alternative realities, that only gives you the most basic idea of what Azure Flame Studio produced in this game.

So instead, I direct you to the first review by our newest reviewer: Des Miller. He joined us at the end of April and you may have seen his name on last week's Great Games to Play While You're Still at Home feature, but this is his first review with RPGFan, so we're pleased to have him on board!

Read Our Banner of the Maid Review!

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