Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Album Announced

Across The Worlds will be available later this year!

06.09.20 - 10:31 PM

Wayo Records is excited to announce that Across The Worlds, a solo piano tribute album dedicated to Chrono Cross, has hit their Kickstarter goal and will be available for purchase this Decmeber!

Featuring arrangements from Yasunori Mitsuda's sound team, Procyon Studio, and composer Masashi Hamauzu, the album will be performed by acclaimed pianist Benyamin Nuss, who has performed for many Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts concerts. All music will be fully licensed, and this album will surely make a great addition to any RPG fans music collection!

"We are quite fond of the various piano arrangement albums that exist for many gaming franchises, and we're particularly partial to ones arranged by composer and arranger Masashi Hamauzu," says Wayo Records producer Romain Dasnoy. "We've always yearned for a volume dedicated to Chrono Cross, and the 20th anniversary seemed like an opportune time. We wanted to be sure to do it right, so we conceived it as a classy piano album with arrangements by Masashi Hamauzu and arrangers close to Yasunori Mitsuda. This is exactly what Chrono Cross deserves, and we are working hard to make it an indispensable work for fans and music lovers alike."

While the album has already hit it's Kickstarter goal, you can still donate on their official page to receive their backer rewards! Starting at 15 EUR, backers will receive a digital copy of the album upon release, with additional tier rewards including physical CD's, vinyl, piano sheet music, and even a deluxe Radical Dreamers music box! Stretch goals for the Kickstarter include additional tracks, exclusive artwork, and even a live performance, which will be recorded and distributed to backers! Make sure to drop on buy and give some money today!

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