EarthBound Tribute Album "Fuzzy Pickles" Now Available

A perfect tribute to one of the greatest RPG series!

06.10.20 - 9:58 PM

The GameLark music label is proud to announce the release of Fuzzy Pickles, a brand new album which pays tribute to the wonderful music featured throughout the Mother series! Just in time for the 25th anniversary of EarthBound's North American release, Fuzzy Pickles pays tribute to all three games in the Mother series, such as a chip tune rendition of "Eight Melodies," and a vocal cover of "Pollyanna." The full track list is as follows:

  • 1. Bein' Friends (Mother)
  • 2. Twoson (EarthBound)
  • 3. Gentle Rain (Mother 3)
  • 4. Mother Earth (Mother)
  • 5. Pollyanna (Mother)
  • 6. Fate (Mother 3)
  • 7. You Call This a Utopia? (Mother 3)
  • 8. Fourside (EarthBound)
  • 9. Eight Melodies (Mother)


"Working through these games is a fantastic opportunity to put more charm, synthesizers, and quirkier arranging into our collection," says GameLark producers and arrangers Ro Panuganti and Peter "Soundole" Smith. "The emotional stories of the Mother series have helped to unite a disparate fanbase. It's only fitting then, that this album brings together the diverse and unique talents of GameLark's musicians!"

Fuzzy Pickles is now available on all major streaming services, so make sure to grab a copy today!

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