Observer: System Redux Announced for Next Gen Release

New missions, new gameplay, and 4k graphics greet veteran players just in time for the 2020 holiday season.

06.12.20 - 6:57 PM

The developers of the award-winning game Observer are back with a fresh, improved version through next-gen title Observer: System Redux. The game features enhanced visuals and stories both new and veteran Observers will appreciate.

A playthrough video shows footage from the new and the old game for side-by-side comparison. Check out the improvements here:

The main character of this story is Daniel Lazarski, an elite neural detective known as the titular "Observer." Set in the year 2084, war and digital plague have ruined the minds and bodies of people living in Poland. Players will hack into the addled minds of the public and dig into a story that explores one's deepest fears.

Improvements to the 2017 game include 4k, 60fps, SSD, and ray tracing, making this a true next-gen title. Observer: System Redux will be coming to both PS5 and XBox Series X in the final months of 2020.