Versus Evil Reveals Action RPG Almighty: Kill Your Gods

Hunt Monsters, Demons, and Gods in this stylish single- and multiplayer game from RUNWILD.

06.13.20 - 1:18 PM

During today's Guerrilla Collective Showcase, UK developer RUNWILD Entertainment and publisher Versus Evil revealed an all-new action RPG hitting later this year, with Almighty: Kill Your Gods. Despite the incredibly on-the-nose title, Almighty will task you and your friends with taking on various demons and monsters in addition to the aforementioned deities.

Described as a shoot & loot action RPG, Almighty's focus is on co-op PvE combat, though you'll still be able to play solo and offline as well. There is no class system for characters, so you'll be able to customize how you play based on your loadout and gear options, so it sounds like there will be a fair amount of freedom in how you approach any situation. Not only will you be able to change your gear, but there will be a full crafting and customization system to further enhance your options.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods Screenshot

Each player will have their own Home Island, which will adapt and change over time as you progress, as it seems that by taking down their forces, the gods will become angry, affecting the very environment of your island. Aside from other players, your island is inhabited by others of your kind (though less evolved than you); helping out your fellow Kindred will allow them to upgrade your island, gain XP, and you can even station them at defensive positions. On top of all this? You'll be able to visit your friends' unique Home Islands as well and adventure wherever you please.

RUNWILD describes the gameplay in familiar terms — yes, this means an "it's like this, with some of this" description — comparing the island-based areas to the Darkzone areas in The Division. Combat takes some inspiration from the Infamous games, in terms of free mobility, and melee, ranged, and aerial attacks, while the giant creatures you'll be facing are, of course, compared to that of Capcom's wildly famous Monster Hunter series.

Much like Monster Hunter, the creatures in Almighty inhabit this sandbox-style world and have their own behaviors and patterns to learn. For now, we've seen just a few types of the enemies that you'll be teaming up with others to take down:

Almighty: Kill Your Gods Artwork - The Lost

In the world of Almighty, your own people are called The Kindred. The Lost are your people, but "mutated and transformed" and now slaves to the Elder Gods.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods Screenshot - Guardian

The next step up on the danger scale seems to be Guardians, magic-imbued machinations created by the gods to be protectors.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods Screenshot - Monster

Finally, we have the... Monsters. Look at that thing! I'm liking the monstrous design of it, so simply calling it a "Monster" doesn't seem to do it justice, given the sheer ferocity and size of it. Despite their simple name, Monsters are actually considered demi-gods themselves. These creatures will be found on land, the sea, and in the sky, and were created by the gods to "spread chaos."

(I think the gods of this world are confused, if they created some things to spread chaos and others to protect their islands. What are they trying to accomplish?)

That's what we know so far! Almighty: Kill Your Gods is coming to "consoles" (PS4 and Xbox One are probably safe to assume for now) and PC in Q4 2020, and more info is expected to be revealed in the coming days, as online gaming events and media rollouts continue. Stay tuned!

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