Destiny 2: Beyond Light Expansion Releases September 22nd

Bungie charts a course for Destiny's future.

06.13.20 - 7:35 PM

A standard Jupiter-rise. Everyone takes that shot.

Bungie's wildly successful MMORPG/shooter hybrid Destiny 2 is about to enter its next phase with the release of Beyond Light, the game's latest expansion, on September 22nd. The game's newly-released current season, Season of Arrivals, marks the continuation of the ongoing Destiny saga and will lead directly into the expansion, which is set for launch on current and next-generation platforms. Beyond Light will whisk players away to Jupiter's moon Europa and grand them dark new powers.

For months, the mysterious Pyramid ships have been making their way to our solar system, their purpose unknown but their menace clear. In Season of Arrivals, the moon of Io will see the arrival of the first Pyramid ship, setting off a chain of events that will unfold throughout the Season, into the Beyond Light expansion, and beyond.

You can check out a pair of new trailers for Destiny 2: Beyond Light down below.

Many editions of this title are on offer, including a Collector's Edition (only from the Bungie Store) and a Stranger edition that includes an exclusive 10'' statue of The Stranger. There is also a Digital Deluxe edition that offers the expansion and a year of seasonal content!

Pre-orders for Destiny 2: Beyond Light are now underway, and grant access to a special Exotic Ghost Shell and Legendary Emblem, with Digital Deluxe owners also getting an Exotic Freeze Tag emote.

Check out our gallery to take a closer look at the game itself.