Twitch Sunday: Phantasy Star Online 2

Your weekend mission.

06.14.20 - 11:28 AM

Sci-fi fans rejoice! Not only is PSO2 available in North America after years and years, we're playing it live Sunday, 6/14 at 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT. PSO is the multiplayer online arm of the classic Phantasy Star series, and is well worth taking a look at. I'm still impressed at anyone who managed to play this effectively on the Vita or mobile (seems like it would make things vastly more difficult), but loads of respect for all the effort that went into integrating it for mobile and smaller platforms.

I could get lost in the class and outfit choices alone from what I've seen of PSO2 so far, but I am sure Scott will get a lot of exploring and missions done on Oracle's behalf. Whether you are interested in the NA release after the recent announcements and looking at the content roadmap or you are just here for the series in general, be sure to tune in via Twitch channel or our Twitch page. There's a lot to explore!

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