Weird West Brings RPG and Twin Stick Shooting Action from Former Arkane Studios President

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06.20.20 - 5:45 PM

Weird West Screenshot

Arkane Software's former president and founder Raphael Colantonio is making an auspicious return to the RPG genre with Weird West. The game draws from a myriad of inspirations, including Stephen King's The Dark Tower, but gameplay-wise brings to mind Arkane's own immersive sims, classic RPGs like Ultima 7, and twin-stick shooters, of all things.

According to Colantonio: "When you go from first person to top-down, there's not much difference in the spirit. Instead of seeing through the eyes of the character, you have a chance to run a party of people. You have followers, and more of a strategy view. The exploration is still the same spirit, but with a different perspective."

Weird West certainly has talent and ambition behind it! Below, you can find the full interview segment regarding the game from the recent PC Gaming Show. Weird West will hit PC sometime in 2021.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more coverage of Weird West! Have some screenshots in the meantime:

Weird West ScreenshotWeird West ScreenshotWeird West ScreenshotWeird West ScreenshotWeird West Screenshot