Twitch Sunday: Persona 4 Golden

I try to stop the flow/double clicking on the go.

06.21.20 - 11:48 AM

We recently got a surprise Atlus PC release with Persona 4 Golden. This game and its catchy theme song (see subheadline) are incredibly beloved in their original handheld form, so Scott is ready to check out this new version. Let's move to quaint, countryside Inaba and helping solve murders connected to a mysterious urban myth about an ominous Midnight TV Channel where locals appear. We'll unlock powerful Personas, dividing our time between daily high school life, and exploring the TV world. Join Scott for our Sunday stream (6/21) at 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT as he pursues his true self and reaches out to the truth. Just look out for Shadows!

Don't miss our Persona 4 Golden review-in-progress and look for a full review soon (it's a long game!).

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