Bandai Namco Unveils Protagonist For Scarlet Nexus

A story oftentimes needs heroes.

06.24.20 - 12:30 PM

Bandai Namco has released information about Yuito Sumeragi, the protagonist of Scarlet Nexus, an upcoming next-generation action-RPG replete with stylish swordplay and action. The information released lies down below!

Yuito Sumeragi

Service Record Status: New Recruit

Background: Second son of the Sumeragi Family

Scarlet Nexus Artwork

Yuito, described as a positive, resilient, and bright boy, joined the Other Suppression Force (OSF) after being rescued from an Other attack. Yuito stands as the second son of the prestigious and longstanding Sumeragi family. New Himuka stands as part of the setting that Scarlet Nexus is set to offer, a sprawling metropolis of politics, power and ideologies.

Scarlet Nexus Screenshot

The Sumeragi serve within New Himuka in positions of power. Yuito's father serves as the head of government, and his older brother as a bureaucrat for the OSF.

Scarlet Nexus Screenshot

Ability: Psychokinesis

During training within the OSF, Yuito has demonstrated the apt ability to both read a battlefield and use his psychokinetic powers to defeat the threat of nearby Others.

Scarlet Nexus Screenshot

It is not known whether Yuito Sumeragi's power comes from his innate need to help and protect others or from being a part of the Sumeragi family.

Scarlet Nexus Screenshot

Yuito Sumeragi looks like a wonderful protagonist, stylish and fitting for the world of Scarlet Nexus seen so far. If you're curious about what more the aesthetic of Scarlet Nexus could offer, check out our gallery!

Scarlet Nexus is set to launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC systems.

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