Moon Localization Close To Completion

An update on a much anticipated game.

06.25.20 - 5:42 PM

Last year, RPG fans around the globe were shocked to hear that cult-classic RPG Moon was getting a re-release as Moon: Remix RPG, and even more surprised that western gamers would be getting an English localization shortly after!

However, news regarding Moon's western release became hard to come by, with some even speculating that the English release had been cancelled. However, in a recent post on Onion Games' official blog, studio head Yoshiro Kimura revealed that the western version of Moon was in the final stages! While the recent events of COVID-19 have hindered development, Kimura has been hard at work to make sure western fans will receive the best version of Moon available!

The first draft of [Moon's] translation was actually finished awhile ago, but given that this is the first time ever that you're all going to play it in English, we wanted to take even more time to polish the script.

Moon is full of so many subtleties in the characters, their strange personalities, and idiosyncratic ways of communicating. We wanted to do even more testing than usual to make sure all of that came through clearly, felt special, and guided you properly through its world.

Moon will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite games!

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