Neptunia Virtual Stars Vocalizes Action and Tunes in Announcement Trailer

Sing your way to justice!

06.25.20 - 6:08 PM

Idea Factory and Compile Heart have unveiled a new trailer for Neptunia Virtual Stars, during the New Game Plus Expo that aired earlier today. Check out the fusion of vibrant aesthetic, action, and snazzy tunes below!

Confirmed for a Western release in 2021, Neptunia Virtual Stars tells an intergalactic story of rescue and defense. Within the world of Virtualand, a digital world that exists between dimensions, lies a besieged planet, known as EMO. Lambasted by beings known as the Anti, EMO, by way of Fair-its Goddess-, sends out a distress signal to other dimensions, hoping for those who could save it. It reaches two groups, that of Mi and Yu, two rising Idol stars, and the Goddesses of Gameindustri, Neptune, Noir, Blanc and Vert, the protagonists of the long-running Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

Neptunia Virtual Stars Screenshot

As it stands, Neptunia Virtual Stars looks to be mixing the pots of action-RPG and rhythm games ways that fans of Idea Factory and Compile hearts previous works will no doubt appreciate.

Neptunia Virtual Stars is set to launch on PlayStation 4 with no word on whether it will arrive on other systems at a later date.

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