Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Yakuza 0

"They put a lot of video game in this video game."

06.28.20 - 8:07 PM

Retro Encounter Final Thoughts - Yakuza 0 Banner

Given the nearly playground-like nature of the Yakuza games, is it any wonder that our Retro Encounter crew would still have a lot to say, even after wrapping on two podcast episodes about Yakuza 0? A prequel to the first 6 games in the series, Yakuza 0 delivers just as much delight and activities to would-be yakuza members.

Be sure to give both Part I and Part II of our podcasts a listen, and then click the huge button below to read Sollosi, Jono, and Jo's Yakuza 0 Final Thoughts:

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