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Screen Cultellus
A crude weapon forged by the beastly ogres, the Cultellus is little more than a huge meat cleaver. The strength of this weapon plus the strength of an ogre is nothing to be considered lightly.
Screen Earth Staff
Dug up from the mire of the bogs of Fliuch, this petrified root curves up from the base, forming a knotted head at the top. It is a heavy weapon blessed by Solum, the god of Earth, himself.
Screen Emperor's Blade
The largest blade found in the Imperial Army, the Emperor's Blade is awarded to the best centurions serving the Emperor's glory. Wielding this weapon boosts the crowd's positive reactions.
Screen Feighona's Sword
The spirit of the fallen Valkyrie Queen, Feighona has descended from the heavens and manifested herself as a spear so powerful as to bring to Dark God to his knees.
Screen Flame Staff
The dark wood of the shaft of this staff and the flame-red phoenix feathers adorning it make this staff appear as if it is aflame. Exuro blesses the spirit of the owner of this weapon.
Screen Lion's Fury
The Lion's Fury is a hammer with a head cast in heavy metal, to look like a pouncing lion. The head of this hammer is blunt, while the tail of it is semi-sharp.
Screen Petrified Bludgeon
This club is made from wood that has long since turned to stone. It was found in caves as the Mongrels started excavating for their arena.
Screen Pierced Spear
Not to disappoint those samnites who choose to wield a spear, the incredible weaponsmiths of the Windward Steppes created the Pierced Spear based on the design of the Pierced Blade.
Screen Riveted Battle Axe
The Riveted Battle Axe's blades are replaceable once they've dulled from battle. The shaft and blade housing are made of a very strong metal giving this axe a very long lifespan.
Screen Sniper's Bow
The Sniper's Bow is a professional assassin's choice of weaponry. Its long shaft allows for increased range and fatal precision when aiming.
Screen Staff of Water
Crafted out of steel, this staff assumes the shape of a fabled two-headed sea-monster inhabiting the Aeonis Sea. Using this weapon greatly increases your Water Affinity.
Screen Tekuja Axe
Every now and again, the weapons of the revered Tekuja statues will show up for sale to be used in the arena. The Tekuja Axe symbolizes a great conquerer.
Screen Tekuja Hammer
The weapons wielded by the royal Tekuja statues depend upon how a particular monarch ruled in life. The Hammer is a symbol of unrelenting endurance.
Screen Tekuja Sword
Throughout the Expanse, giant statues are erected in honor of Kings and Queens past. The Tekuja Sword is a weapon stolen from these oracles. It is a very powerful weapon.
Screen Venomous Pair
The Venomous Pair consists of two Poison Axes wielded simultaneously by the Dervish. Doubling the chances of successfully poisoning someone.
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Packaging - Weapons


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