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RPGFan's Plagiarism Policy
RPGFan's Plagiarism Policy:
In ancient times, plagiary was the act of kidnapping, and a plagiarist was the kidnapper. In the more modern era, these terms have come to mean something more literary; rather, a plagiarist is a kidnapper of words.
Plagiarism is a crime, punishable by law. Any university will dismiss you instantly if you are found guilty of it, most newspapers and magazines will fire you for it, and if discovered, you could be fined and/or imprisoned. RPGFan has a zero tolerance policy for those who steal the works of others. All works contributed to the site must be your own; if we discover they came from someone else, you will be fired on the spot.
Things that will be considered plagiarism include: passing off another person's review, preview, editorial, artwork, MIDIs, fanfiction, or other content as your own, as well as not properly sourcing news and pictures.
For examples of what RPGFan considers plagiarism, you can compare two articles; one written by a RPGFan staffer, and another by a former staffer at another site that plagiarized from the first review. Thanks go to that site for handling the situation in a professional and timely fashion.