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Platform: Game Boy Advance Publisher: Atlus
Genre: Occult RPG Developer: Atlus
Format: Cartridge Expected Release: 2003

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Mark P. Tjan
Mark P. Tjan

Well known for strategy titles such as Tactics Ogre and Disgaea, Atlus is about to release a remake of the classic Shin Megami Tensei for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. The original Shin Megami Tensei was released in 1992 for the Super Famicom but never made it to North American shores because of its occult themes and dark undertones. Only two games that were part of the Persona side-story have come to the West, those being Persona: Revelations and Persona: Eternal Punishment.

Known as "MegaTen" to fans, Shin Megami Tensei started a growing niche in the juvenile console RPG market - the occult RPG. Set in modern day Japan and focused on controlling the supernatural, Shin Megami Tensei required players to negotiate with demonic creatures to acquire their employ against opposing forces.

Shin Megami Tenseiís remake for the Game Boy Advance, will features the first-person perspective of the original game as players romp through pseudo-3D dungeons akin to Phantasy Star. The scene only shifts to an overhead view while on the world map. Battles are fought in the same perspective as dungeon crawling with no scene transitions outside of the appearance of the battle menu.

Since negotiation plays a central part in the gameplay, players have the option to speak with the enemy before engaging in combat. Players may choose to be either threatening or friendly, then proceed to negotiate until they strike a deal with the demons or earn their spite. If successful, players can then call upon them in battle to crush the enemy.

A major addition to the game will include the ability to save anywhere, a welcome addition to any RPG. Others additions will include a demon dictionary which lists all the enemies that players have encountered, and a sound room where players can listen to music samples from throughout the game. There will also be a visionary room for viewing cinema images to help review the story and a trade-monster room for swapping demons with your friends via the GBA link cable.

To complete the package, Atlus has brought new luster to the aging title by upgrading the graphics and sound quality to take advantage of the GBA's enhanced hardware. Shin Megami Tensei's remake for the Game Boy Advance will be released in Japan sometime in 2003. No domestic release has yet to be announced.


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