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03/10/02 What are your feelings toward Dragon Warrior IV's cancellation?
02/22/02 How anxious are you to play Suikoden III?
02/04/02 Will you buy the Skies of Arcadia port for PS2?
01/21/02 Should game companies offer more game-related merchandise outside of Japan?
01/07/02 Are you excited about Final Fantasy XI (Online)?
11/27/01 What are your feelings toward Lunar Legend?
11/09/01 What is your preferred battle system?
10/23/01 What do you think of the upcoming Square/Disney RPG Kingdom Hearts?
10/12/01 What RPGFan Merchandise would you want to buy?
10/01/01 Will You Be Purchasing Phantasy Star Online Version 2?
09/24/01 What do you think of RPGFan Illustrated?
06/19/01 Which RPG's ending is not worth the effort?
06/02/01 What do you think of RPGFan's new layout?
03/25/01 What is the most overused RPG cliche?
03/03/01 How do you prefer to obtain spells/special attacks?
02/05/01 Which console would you like to see Sega publish RPGs for?
01/28/01 Which is most likely to become irritating in a battle engine?
01/21/01 How do you feel about Final Fantasy X being delayed?
01/07/01 Which winged sidekick in the Lunar series is more entertaining?
12/31/00 Which of the following RPG traits has excelled most throughout 2000?
12/24/00 Which RPG character would make the best Santa?
12/17/00 What type of mood in RPGs do you prefer most?
12/10/00 Which PlayStation Final Fantasy game is overall the best?
12/03/00 Under what conditions do you rename RPG characters?
11/23/00 Now that beautifully detailed, anti-aliased 3D graphics can be easily produced on Dreamcast and PS2, what role does it play in RPGs?
11/13/00 What common trend in RPGs of late do you find most annoying?
11/07/00 Which console looks to provide the highest quality RPGs for the remainder of 2000?
10/23/00 Which PS2 RPG launch title would you most likely buy?
10/16/00 Which soundtrack from the Squaresoft soundtrack update do you like most?
10/08/00 Which of these upcoming Dreamcast RPGs are you most excited about?
10/01/00 Which Namco RPG would you most like to see released in America?
09/24/00 Which type of dialogue do you prefer in Dragon Warrior games?
09/17/00 What is your reaction after seeing the FF WonderSwan pictures?
09/12/00 Do you like RPGFan's new design?
08/27/00 How do you feel about Mother 3 being canceled?
08/17/00 How far will you go to play Chrono Cross?
08/07/00 Which quest in Threads of Fate did you enjoy more: Rue's or Mint's?
07/30/00 Do you swear while playing RPGs?
07/23/00 Overall, how difficult do you think modern RPGs are?
07/16/00 Do you buy RPG music soundtracks?
07/09/00 On average, how many hours do you play RPGs per week this Summer?
07/03/00 Which Rhapsody review is your favorite?
06/25/00 How did the non-linear storyline affect Legend of Mana?
06/19/00 What's your favorite "flavor" of RPGs?
06/12/00 Which class in Diablo II are you looking forward to playing most?
06/05/00 What are your thoughts on RPGs being delayed?
05/28/00 Do you think the title Paper Mario was a good move for Nintendo of America?
05/28/00 Based on the screen shots, how do you like the graphical style of Paper Mario?
05/20/00 Which of the following Square RPGs do you plan to buy this summer?
05/14/00 What do you think about Persona 2: Eternal Punishment being Atlus' mystery RPG?
05/07/00 How do you like the U.S. replacements for the vocals in Wild ARMs 2?
04/30/00 Which title for Square's upcoming action RPG do you like better: Threads of Fate or Dew Prism?
04/23/00 What is your opinion on Enix's U.S. line-up?
04/16/00 What would you like to see in Lufia: The Beginning of a Legend?
04/09/00 Which RPG shown at TGS are you most excited about?
04/02/00 Which portable game console currently shows the most potential in providing the best RPGs to its consumers?
03/26/00 Will you be purchasing Dragon Quest VII?
03/19/00 Would you be interested in attending Sakura Con next year if videogame companies attend and premier their new RPG titles?
03/12/00 What do you do most when you're stuck in an RPG?
03/05/00 Would you purchase an imported PS2?
02/28/00 Based on the media that's been released so far, is Grandia II reason enough to purchase a Dreamcast?
02/20/00 Would you purchase Chrono Trigger Remix if it was released in the U.S.?
02/13/00 Do you plan to purchase Rhapsody this Spring?
02/06/00 What are your thoughts on FFIX having a more fantasy-based setting?
01/04/00 Which do you think was the best RPG of 1999?
12/19/99 Which of the following Dreamcast RPGs are you most excited about?
10/17/99 With all of the RPGs released in the past few weeks, which was your favorite?
08/14/99 With Bernie Stolar now gone from Sega of America, what do you think of Working Designs publishing on the Dreamcast?
06/06/99 Favorite 8-bit RPG?
05/03/99 What do you think of the Lunar demo?
12/18/98 How much did you like Zelda 64?
12/18/98 Which Dreamcast game are you most looking forward to?
11/12/98 What do you rate LunarNET's web design/look(1-10; 1 being worst, 10 being best)?
11/12/98 How should we improve the design/content/look?
11/12/98 Did you preorder Zelda 64?
10/14/98 What already released RPG of 1998 has been your favorite so far?
10/07/98 What is your favorite part about LunarNET?
09/23/98 What do you think Working Designs Mystery RPG is?
09/16/98 How many game soundtracks do you own?
09/09/98 What is your most wanted RPG coming in 1998?
07/23/98 What is the most important aspect in an RPG?
0?/??/98 Squaresoft: 32-bit vs 16-bit vs 8-bit