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Game Title Reviewer Score Date
Black/Matrix Advanced Import Review Nicole Kirk 87% 03/30/01
Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm Mike Bracken 79% 08/21/01
Eternal Arcadia Import Review Ken Chu 93% 11/05/00
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device Ken Chu 70% 02/15/00
Evolution 2: Far Off Promise Alan Knight 81% 02/15/01
Grandia II Import Review Woojin Lee 92% 09/14/00
Grandia II Damian Thomas 97% 01/12/01
Grandia II Chris Winkler 87% 03/23/01
Grandia II Robert Bogdanowicz 94% 08/16/01
Memories Off: Complete Import Review Neal Chandran 83% 06/11/07
Memories Off: 2nd Import Review Neal Chandran 82% 06/11/07
Never 7: The End of Infinity Import Review Neal Chandran 92% 12/16/04
Phantasy Star Online Import Review Jason Walton 83% 01/21/01
Phantasy Star Online Cameron Hamm 86% 02/10/01
Phantasy Star Online Neal Chandran 100% 06/04/01
Phantasy Star Online Robert Bogdanowicz 51% 08/16/01
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 Import Review Jason Walton 86% 07/21/01
Record of Lodoss War Mike Bracken 89% 08/12/01
Sakura Taisen 3: Is Paris Burning? Import Review Nicole Kirk 92% 06/05/01
Sakura Taisen 4: Maidens, Fall in Love Import Review Eve C. 90% 04/07/02
Sakura Taisen 4: Maidens, Fall in Love Import Review Chris Winkler 89% 07/04/02
Shenmue Import Review WooJin Lee 90% 01/20/00
Shenmue Alan Knight 68% 01/12/01
Shenmue Robert Bogdanowicz 55% 10/06/01
Shenmue II Import Review WooJin Lee 82% 11/11/01
Silver Ken Chu 72% 09/25/00
Skies of Arcadia Jason Walton 91% 12/11/00
Skies of Arcadia Damian Thomas 94% 12/24/00
Skies of Arcadia Cameron Hamm 91% 02/16/01
Skies of Arcadia Robert Bogdanowicz 93% 11/13/01
Stupid Invaders Neal Chandran 80% 12/13/04
Suigetsu ~Lost Heart~ Import Review Neal Chandran 91% 06/11/07
Time Stalkers Ken Chu 63% 08/24/00

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