Reviews: Sega Saturn
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Game Title Reviewer Score Date
Albert Odyssey Eric Farand 91% 04/04/98
Albert Odyssey Jeremy Tan 88% 05/23/00
Albert Odyssey Jason Walton 84% 11/13/01
Black/Matrix Import Review Ken Chu 83% 06/08/99
Black/Matrix Import Review Jaime 80% 08/12/99
Dragon Force Ken Chu 89% 06/04/99
Dragon Force Jeremy Tan 88% 05/23/00
Falcom Classics II Import Review Ryan Mattich 85% 01/21/01
Grandia Import Review Zone Pharaoh 95% 11/18/98
Gulliver Boy Import Review Jaime 60% 12/01/98
Langrisser V Import Review Jaime 97% 02/15/99
Langrisser V Import Review Ken Chu 96% 07/27/99
Langrisser Dramatic Import Review Jaime 99% 07/03/99
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Import Review Ken Chu 91% 12/16/99
Magic Knight Rayearth Ken Chu 82% 10/31/99
Magic Knight Rayearth Jaime 75% 10/31/99
Panzer Dragoon Saga Esque 94% 06/16/98
Panzer Dragoon Saga Ken Chu 91% 06/22/00
Princess Crown Import Review Jaime 95% 04/09/00
Sakura Taisen Import Review Nicole Kirk 97% 06/06/99
Sakura Taisen Import Review Kei Sagami 80% 12/16/99
Sakura Taisen Import Review Ken Chu 80% 10/18/00
Sakura Taisen 2 Import Review Nicole Kirk 98% 03/23/99
Sakura Taisen 2 Import Review Kei Sagami 85% 12/16/99
Shining Force III Esque 83% 09/08/98
Shining Force III Jason Walton 92% 09/14/98
Shining Force III Jaime 70% 04/17/99
Shining Force III Jeremy Tan 88% 06/06/00
Shining Force III Premium Disk Import Review Ken Chu N/A 03/17/99
Shining the Holy Ark Ken Chu 82% 07/27/99
Shining the Holy Ark Jeremy Tan 80% 06/06/00
Slayers Royal 2 Import Review Jaime 78% 12/13/99
Yu-No Import Review WooJin Lee 97% 07/27/99

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