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Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment-

"While translation is very sadness, cool stuffs can be had in fun combat system or sometimes funny dialogue."

It are confusing stuffs when not viewed anime game based on. Sometime you cannot understand character or plot, but that is not right in Sword Art Online! That is because the plot is very bad, and translation is not skillful for understanding. It is making things like tutorials and complex game things hard to learn. But sometimes if a player perseveres, they are succeeding in fun combat!

Maybe sometime player like harem anime with many girls who love your hapless hero. Sword Art Online must not harem anime? But sometimes you might thinking it is because Such silly circumstance follow in cases where mistaken intent is present! Poor Kirito meets many pretty anime girls, but is already married and so misunderstandings ensue! Okay... that is silly. All of that is not important, though, since main story focuses on mystery of why players are still trapped in Aincrad, world of Sword Art Online MMORPG, even though they have already win the game. Must explore Hollow Area and Floors 75- ? ? ? to learning how to escape deadly MMO game.

In escaping game, many friends from the anime join you and have silly dialogue which is not easy for reading, since translation seems to have fallen down stairs. Sometimes friends will help you make new weapons, or chat with you in town. Many people will asking for help, so you can choose to do this and get friendly messages and rewards from new people in your heart! Example like in the beginning, you can help newbie player level up to fight many strong monster, because Kirito is sort of legendary. Because there are so much quests, feeling of simulation of MMO is true. Old friends, You can hold their hands or give them gifts to ensure bountiful friendship, but most of the time these things are feeling sort of pointless. Strange typographical mistakes cause many head aches, but also sometimes stomach ache from overabundance of laughter. Sometimes penetration is not correct word for describing situation, isn't it?!

But once you finish playing in town, you can go to outside areas with many fighting and one of your friends, like maybe your wife Asuna, right? Different character have different battle performance, and sometimes do not listen to your important commands in the heat of striking foes! But if you give "good job!" to those friends, morale increases and they are learning to help you out more times. Main character Kirito has many customizations, but do not appear in cutscene, so that can be disappointing. Not disappointing is many weapons and skills that can be used by Kirito, like axes, scimitars, dual swords, and many more weapons. Weapons have unique skills for use in battle, and many skills means many options for choosing your ideal fight mode! Other fight elements like throwing dagger to pull enemy helps to create strong MMORPG feelings.

During fighting, it is essential to manage many things like SP, Risk, and Burst, which is necessary for special skills, protecting from damage, and striking the foe. Sometimes asking your friends is ok, since they can take monster aggression from you so that you can heal and recover SP. Important thing is managing your stat with teammate to optimize damage output! You are sometimes asking friends to heal you or give you strength growing magic, so teamwork is the main point, much like true MMORPG. Kirito also has abilities to dodging attacks, self-healing, and interrupting dangerous enemy strike, so you must be sure to stand on your toes during deadly fighting. Can feel very rewarded when toppling enemy of greater strength than Kirito and friends, but sometimes failure is part of learning, isn't it?

There are very many of side things to do, so much content can be had in Sword Art Online. While translation is very sadness, cool stuffs can be had in fun combat system or sometimes funny dialogue. My feelings are that the story is not good and that even fans of TV show might not find much in it, but still fun can be had with the game. I recommend maybe trying it if you are open-minded, this is my opinion!

I'm tired! What an adventure! All right, goodbye and thanks for read of review.

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