Dragonball Z: Legacy of Goku

Publisher: InfogramesDeveloper: Webfoot Technologies
Reviewer: DragoonmanReleased: May 14, 2002
Gameplay: 60%Control: 80%
Graphics: 83%Sound/Music: 60%
Story: 45%Overall: 74%

Dragonball Z is one of the biggest Anime names around with millions of fans all across the world. Dragonball Z: The Legacy of Goku is one of the few titles to make it to America and it's a decent game to start off the series for the GBA. Having been one of the first people to beat the game, I now have the privilege to inform everyone here at RPGFan with this reader review.

The gameplay is very sketchy and you really don't have a wide variety of options to choose from. Just like any action/rpg you have your standard level up (EXP.) system and stats, which don't play a very significant role. This game doesn't really feature Hit Points, but more so a life bar. One of the key elements is your KI (similar to MP), which is used to perform one of three special moves at a time. Dragonball Z: The Legacy of Goku doesn't contain any armor or weapons, although you are offered a very limited group of items. You battle in active time with the choice of your standard punch, KI moves, and your only defensive strategy of flying away. The entire game takes place in an overview mode that cannot be changed to anything else.

The graphics in the game are the most impressive thing it has to offer. The characters look like your average GBA design, and the level structure and all your other visible elements look fantastic. Everything here runs smoothly, especially the anime-style cut scenes that were pulled straight from the hit cartoon series. The only unrealistic element is the fighting, which may disappoint many fans.

The music/sound effects are rather poor as well, considering that they feature no traditional Dragonball Z music. I didn't mark the score down due to the lack of traditional music, but a lack of good music as a whole. The game didn't feature a lot of different music, or sound effects for that matter. The music doesn't really make that much of a difference, considering there are no real emotional scenes. Sad to say it DBZ fans, but there is no memorable music to be found here.

I gave the story the worst score for a few simple reasons. First off, there really isn't a story line, more so a series of side quests. The game takes place during the Saiyan, Namek and Frieza sagas, just like the anime series. Although this game just doesn't seem to pull it off. The characters don't really grow and I don't see how you could possibly become attached to them. You also don't really have an option in what you do-this is pretty much a preset game that you just breeze through.

There isn't anything special about the control. There are only five real actions that you can do, so Infogrames got this part down pat! Moves can take anywhere from a second to however long depending on how much you power up your KI move.

Unfortunately most DBZ fans will still have to wait for the day when a great game comparable to the loved anime series finally arrives. This games a piece of cake to beat, if you really wanted to you could have it beat in an hour or two. Dragonball Z: The Legacy of Goku doesn't really go to far and it does leave an opening for hopefully a more fun and complex sequel. I am pretty positive only the real hard-core fans will get a kick out of it. I am not saying stay away from it, just be informed of your purchase and use my review as a reference. Well, I guess we still have to wait a little longer for the perfect DBZ game.


The game features authentic locations and over 75 characters from the DBZ universe.

One of the game's many battles.

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