Final Fantasy Legend II

Publisher: Squaresoft&Hudson Developer: Square
Reviewer: TK7 Released: 1991
Gameplay: 100% Control: 99%
Graphics: 100% Sound/Music: 100%
Story: 100% Overall: 100%

First, I will talk about the graphics on the game. A few monsters from The Final Fantasy Legend return, and the graphics on them are better. Also, the insides of caves look better, mostly because they do not have a plain floor, like they do in The Final Fantasy Legend.

Second, the sound and music for this game is excellent. My favorite songs are, Let It Begin, Burning Blood, Save the world, Wandering Shadow, Another World, Dreadful Fight, and Critical Hit. Songs like Eat The Meat and Let It Begin return from The Final Fantasy Legend, but are still good.

The control on this game is good. It functions properly and doesn't do a lot of weird things. But the reason it got a 99 is because of the part when you want to save your progress. Okay, let me give an example of the problem. You have saved your progress into file 1 and you are very far in the game. You are the kind of person who is used to tapping the A button very quickly during the saving progress.

One day, you let your friend play the game. He saves his game into file 2. He doesn't get very far. He plays it for a while, and when you want him to give it back, you take it away. Your friend tells you to save his progress. You tell him you will and you begin the saving process. But since you are used to tapping the A button very quickly during this process, you accidentally save his file into yours.

The storyline is excellent and it is very deep. It fits along with the music and with the game. Unlike The Final Fantasy Legend, the events in the game have some meaning to them. In The Final Fantasy Legend, the events happen, but why did you go on the quest?

The gameplay is extremely good. In The Final Fantasy Legend, you run into a lot more monsters and it's hard to run away from them. That gets annoying. The game is played really good.

Overall, the game is excellent. I really liked this game. I thought Final Fantasy Adventure was good, but until you've played a game with a deep storyline, great controls and gameplay, and awesome music, you haven't played anything as good as Final Fantasy Legend 2. In my opinion, the storyline has a lot to do with the game and how much you enjoy it. This is a game anyone could play and enjoy, and even though it's old, it's still a classic game.


An introduction that makes you want to actually continue the game...Woo hoo!

What's this, competent graphics with more than two character designs? You betcha!

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