Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Publisher: SquaresoftDeveloper: Square
Reviewer: DragoonmanReleased: 10/92
Gameplay: 80%Control: N/A
Graphics: 93%Sound/Music: 87%
Story: 59%Overall: 82%

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was one of the first Final Fantasy games released, and this one was made for newbies to the RPG genre. That doesn't make it a bad game, just a much easier and boring adventure for those experienced at RPGs.

The gameplay is similar to other Final Fantasies but also different in a few ways that separates them from one another. Rather than have a world map, you follow a set course and only encounter monsters in a battle field (Where you fight 10 enemies and receive an item once all are beat) or a place like a dungeon, castle, cave, etc.

The battles are all turn based where each character goes once per round with the desired amount of transition time. You can either attack the foe with your standard weapon or get a bit technical and bust out with some magic. Your characters have a particular kind of weapon throughout the whole game. As you progress you find improvements similar to the original.

The magic system is also pretty easy to understand. You have your White Magic (used for healing), Black Magic (used to deal damage to the enemy) and Wizard Magic (also used to deal damage, but more powerful than Black Magic).

Almost all fights are a breeze to beat, accept for a few of the tougher enemies and bosses that you encounter. Dungeons, caves, etc., are also a piece of cake to get through considering fights aren't random (You can see the enemy on the map) and the enemies disappear once they are beaten until you return to the world map.

You only have one ally in your party at a time, each with his/her own unique weapon and abilities. You have the option to Manually control the actions of your ally, or have the computer do it by setting it to Auto Mode and making it a NPC (Non-Playable Character).

The graphics for FF Mystic Quest were outstanding for its time. Most of the enemies were huge, which made it much easier to include detail for all the monsters. The level structure and other visible elements were also done with a lot of detail and professionalism--which is why this particular SNES game stands out from the others.

The music and sound happen to go well with the gameplay. The music was very soothing to the ear in general, and it was fun to listen to. Although, some of the music was repetitive or similar in dungeons, it is all still fit for the scene and really doesn't get annoying. The sounds were also done with professionalism. The sword slashing, grass walking, and monster hitting sound effects were remarkable back in the old school SNES days. All of the music was fit for each given scenario that the character must travel through in order to complete his quest. Square pulled it off again!

The story is a bit dull and based on the crystals yet another time. You begin as your desired character name escaping your home village due to the mass destruction that is occurring. You are then forced to travel to a mountain top where the devastation continues and you meet a nameless Old Man. Soon after the brief greeting you are entered into a fight with a Behemoth, which is where our newly discovered hero prevails and decimates the foe. The old man realizes that he has found the one and proposes an adventure. Confused and scared, your character feels obligated to accept, so he does so. Our hero then travels to the town of Foresta and starts to learn of the tasks ahead of him, and your journey to seek out the crystals begins.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, like I previously stated, was made specifically for beginners to RPGs. FF MQ is an RPG that will probably be disliked by many experienced players due to the fact that this game's very simplistic. Even though it is dull to the experienced gamer, it is a great first RPG to learn from.


Battles are easy, and the enemies are always rather large.

The Focus tower is aptly named, for it is the focus of your quest.

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