Golden Axe Warrior

Publisher: Sega Developer: Sega
Reviewer: Jeremy Moore Released: 1991
Gameplay: 100% Control: 89%
Graphics: 95% Sound/Music: 75%
Story: 87% Overall: 94%

OK .... you're back in the days of the 8-bit systems again. This time, however, instead of having an NES you have a Master system. What's that? Your favorite NES game is Legend of Zelda? Never fear Golden Axe Warrior is here.

When Golden Axe Warrior came out, I remember the game mags harping on it, claiming to be a rip off of Zelda. That couldn't be farther from the truth. This game looks almost exactly like Zelda... but it improves on Zelda in every way.

The Graphics were great, both colorful and detailed with plenty of animation in the enemies. Golden Axe Warrior (or GAW as I'll call it for short) blows Zelda 1 away in every way. Your character is small but very detailed with different weapon animations depending on which weapon he's using. Graphics 95%

Control was tight as well. Your character reacted quickly and you could zoom through the game without once complaining of any control problems, (if you were complaining it was because this game is hard as heck). Control 89%

Sound was where GAW fell short of Zelda (but all game music in that time did). Nonetheless the music was well done and was easy on the ears. Sound effects were nothing spectacular, but at least they did the job right. Sound 75%

The story was almost parallel to Zelda in most ways. You had the overworld and a number of dungeons to go through in a certain order, with each dungeon containing a necessary item needed to get through the next. Story 87%

Gameplay was sweet. Your character moved fast and there was so much to explore. You could equip different kinds of weapons from swords to axes, each having pros and cons. Oh, and it had TOWNS!!! Zelda can't say that. This is my second favorite game on the Sega master system behind the incredible Phantasy Star 1, and I, for one, would buy this over The Legend of Zelda any day. Gameplay 100%

Looking back on this game made me smile. It was a great game in its day and still is quite good by today's standards. It makes me wonder why Sega has never made a sequel to this game. I'd buy a sequel to this on the Dreamcast and would bet heavily that you would too. You know, I think I'll go fire up my SMS and play a little Golden Axe Warrior, and you should too. Overall 94%


Unlike Zelda, Golden Axe Warrior has full blown towns instead of one-room caves for townspeople to inhabit.

The labarynths are chock full of the standard dungeon fare.