Reviews Grading Scale
90-100: Great - Games that score in this category are highly recommended by the reviewer. It is likely that these games are almost universally liked.
80-89: Good - This category describes games in which most things are done right. While this game will most likely end up giving you a quality experience, it is not a true classic.
70-79: Average - These games are neither bad nor good. You will probably find something to enjoy about them, but the amount of faults keeps the game from scoring higher.
60-69: Mediocre/Subpar - These are games in which the shortcomings far outweigh the strengths. It is recommended that only devoted fans of the specific genre or theme devote time to playing. While this game may satisfy a niche group of fans, its appeal is not wide enough to be truly enjoyed.
59 or below: Bad - These games are not recommended at all. They have little to no redeeming qualities, and you will more than likely find them to be a complete waste of your time. Play at your own risk.