Harvest Moon 64

Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Natsume
Reviewer: Homan Mohseni Released: 1999
Gameplay: 75% Control: 65%
Graphics: 80% Sound/Music: 75%
Story: 65% Overall: 72%

When I bought my N64 I thought there would be so many RPGs that I wouldn't know which one to play first, but I was wrong. There are a few, but most of them were crappy, except for Zelda of course. Now there is another game that is worthy of being played on the N64 and that's Harvest Moon 64. Now, for most of you that have never heard of this game it's a farming RPG which means that you take the role of a farmer trying to raise his animals and plant things and pick up a few girls while he is at it. Okay, enough talk let's get down to the rating.


First off, graphics. Most people don't appreciate the graphics of this game, but I do. The 3D element adds a lot to the detail of the plants and animals, not to mention the people themselves look pretty good too. The view changing in the game also adds a little more to the graphics because now you can actually change the view of the screen so you can get a better look at something. Another thing I like about the graphics is how colorful things are. Due to this, they stick out really well and will catch your attention.


The problem of the game starts right about now. The control is horrible, you don't understand how many times I have tried to pick up something or go on my horse but I couldn't because the controls weren't responsive. Now what I mean by response is that when I click A to get on my horse I can't get on no matter what I do, so I have to move all around, whistle for him to come, then try again. But don't let the controls get you down; there are things in this game that will make you forget about the bad controls.


The sounds were pretty good. The animals and the rainfall sounded pretty real, but the music is repetitive. You keep on hearing the same music over and over again and you get pretty bored of it. But the sounds deserve some credit while the music just needs to change. Even though each season and festival has its own music, it's still annoying because of the same exact tune it keeps on playing.


In my opinion storyline is one of the most important aspects of an RPG, but this game seem to have none. For one thing, the game starts out simple enough: with your grandpa dead you must run the farm. But, believe it or not it ends being simple enough when you realize that you're doing the same tasks as you were from the begging of the game. In other words a 2-year-old can understand what's going on in this game. So if you're looking for an RPG that has a complex storyline, stay far away from this one.


This game is what I call a simple RPG. Unlike other RPGs where there are dungeons and castles, this game just lets you in one area and you have to stay there the whole game. Let me explain: unlike other RPGs where there are at least a few towns, in this game there is only one and you get bored of the same thing pretty quick. Okay let me give you a run down of one of your ordinary days. First, you wake up, then go to the your animals and give them food, brush them, and talk to them. Then you pick up the eggs, go and water the plants, then go to the girl that you want to marry and give her a gift, and, finally, get some rest.

Each season in this game is 30 game days long and each has a few holidays which adds to the fun factor of the game. There are also a lot of thing that are hidden in the game and recipes that you can collect. Lets not forget the girls now; if you treat them right you can ask them to marry you, which adds to the gameplay. The game is addictive for the first year and second year of the game because you're experiencing everything for the first time, holidays and all. But, after that the game becomes more of a hassle than anything else. Yet, the game is still playable and fun at times.


The game is pretty average: while it has some pros it also has the same amount of cons. Running a farm is pretty fun, but the repetitiveness of the game makes it boring sometimes. If you want an RPG that doesn't take a lot of work, but is fun then you gotta get this. But if you're one of those serious gamers that wants everything to be serious then this might not be the game for you. Just be warned, this is not your everyday RPG. If you own an N64 and you want to play an RPG then definitely pick up this game and play it and let the hours pass by. If you're not going to buy this game then make sure that you at least rent it, but just make sure you play it.


Farming, the next generation. The graphics get an upgrade, but the gameplay stays quite the same.

Flirt, pester, and buy gifts for the sweetheart of your choice. Woo her well, and you may hear wedding bells.