Langrisser V

Publisher: NCS/Masaya Developer: Career Soft
Reviewer: Jaime Released: 06/18/98
Gameplay: 99% Control: N/A
Graphics: 98% Sound/Music: 99%
Story: N/A Overall: 97%

The end is upon us, the end of a legend... the Legend of Langrisser. For years strategy/RPG fans have been blessed by title after title of pure strategy goodness gold. Over the years, Langrisser has graced such systems as the Mega Drive JP (Genesis US), Saturn, Playstation, and the PC/FX. This series for the hard-core strategy fans has it all: beautiful women, long, thought provoking battles, tons of spoken dialogue, huge battle maps, and gameplay beyond belief, what more could you ask for?

Not only did Langrisser have untouchable gameplay, it also had one of the most talented artist ever drawing its characters, Satoshi Urushihara. Satoshi is easily one of the most gifted artists to ever live. His style of drawing sleek shiny muscles and armor, long wild hair, and well built women allows even the most anti-anime critic to admire his passion for depth and detail. Satoshi helped Langrisser push itself away from the glut of other strategy games, giving it a unique style of its very own.

Widely spread and widely known, the Langrisser series has fans from the US to Japan, all proud to say that they played the great series. After 4 smash hits and 1 mediocre game (Langrisser 3), it is finally laid to rest; not too shabby. But, alas, it has all come to an end. Thank you, Masaya, for all the happy gaming hours you have given us through Langrisser and we wish you all the best with your games in the future. With that said, now onto my review of the final Langrisser, Langrisser 5...

Masaya, the gods of 2D gaming, (yes they're better than Capcom in my opinion) have completed their masterpiece work called Langrisser. Chosing to cut the series off at only 5, dang! Final Fantasy has 8, why can't Langrisser? *grumbles*. Langrisser 5 carries on the 2D tradition like no other Langrisser did, boasting the best 2D graphics of the series. If you liked the other Langrisser games' graphics, you'll be right at home with #5. The characters are super deformed 2D sprites, that are nicely detailed and sized. The background graphics are amazing. With wonderful landscapes and breathtaking scenery, it just doesn't get much better. Battle map graphics are a major plus, with very few dull stages, most are very bright and excellent to look at! The character portraits are once again astounding, Satoshi has outdone himself. There are many wonderful still portraits throughout the game that are so sharp you almost need sunglasses to look at them. While I was a bit disappointed with Sigma (the main character),the other characters were simply perfection. Lambda (purple-haired girl) and Ranford were my favorites along with some kick-@$$ looking bad guys.

The music in Langrisser 5 is beyond belief, the best gaming music I've ever heard! You know why? Because I actually noticed it without trying, and I liked it (very rare ^-^). Some of the numbers will almost bring you to tears. Example: when someone Clerat (a girl character) likes dies, she's talking to him as he's dying then this background music kicks in.... and I almost broke down =). Man that was the best number I have ever heard, really it was that good. I was astonished by the music, two thumbs WAY up!

The gameplay in Langrisser is superb, however this is where it hurts enough not be the greatest game ever. I wanted more characters! If this is the last Langrisser game, then go out right! Gimme 10 characters or more, I want a bloodfest, dangit! Oh! sorry =) lost my mind there for a second. You only get 5 characters and most of the way you only have 3 or 4. I just wanted more! But now it seems that I'll never get my wish *sobs bitterly*. Aside from the lack of characters, there are more minor nicks in Langrisser 5's gameplay. Difficulty is rather low when compared to other Langrissers'. I beat it with no real problem, and I didn't use any codes, cheats, or walkthroughs, and for a Langrisser game that is strange. Maybe it's just that I've played so many of them, but I doubt it. Also, the lack of much anime =P, (just a opening cut scene and that's all *ick*), why didn't they load it full of the stuff =(? With those few gripes out of the way I can tell you that those are the only things wrong with this game; everything else is perfect! You get the same old awesome Langrisser battle maps and over 30 scenarios to play.

Langrisser is played like most strategy/RPGs. I'll try my best to explain it (Langrisser buffs can skip these two paragraphs). Langrisser 5 is broken into scenarios. Each one is kinda like a stage in other games. Scenarios differ in types, in some you have to save people, others you have to kill an evil character and in others you have to do both. Before you start a scenario you get to buy men with the money you have (you get money by killing baddies and selling items you don't need). Each general can hold about 4-5 men, some can hold more or less. As your characters change in class they will be able to buy better soldiers to help them, however each general has his/her own choice of soldiers. Say your main character could buy cavalry because he's a Silver Knight, well if one of your other characters was not a Silver knight (or a cavalry class) then they could not buy cavalry. They would buy other types of soldier that the main character could not, such as Pikemen. After you purchase weapons, armor, and men you have to place your generals on the board. There will be red dots where you can put them. After that you start the scenario.

When you start the scenario, one of your characters will have a turn. In a turn you can do a lot of different things like tell each troop to attack who, move your general and his/her troops, summon a monster, use magic, wait, or recharge 3HP&2MP (unable to act next turn). It is very important to use your turns wisely, one foolish move and it could cost your character his/her life. Langrisser is filled with so much depth and I have just touched the surface, but I hope it helped a little =).

In closing, Langrisser 5 is just like all the other Langrisser games: $#@! good. If you've played 1, 2, or, 4 then you don't even need me to tell you "GO GET IT!". But, if you haven't then you're missing out. Langrisser 5 is worth every penny it costs and then some. It's fun for everyone, but strategy/anime fans will get the most out of it. It's deep, it's cute, and it has Satoshi as its artist. Need I say more? Farewell Langrisser, you will be sorely missed.


Long intense battles with super deformed characters, heaven is a place on earth!

I'm glad I'm not that general, he's about to find out how much cavalry hurt!

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