Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Publisher: Game Arts\ESP Developer: Game Arts\ESP
Reviewer: Silverwolf X Released: 05/27/99
Gameplay: 100% Control: 100%
Graphics: 90% Sound/Music: 100%
Story: 100% Overall: 98%

Game Arts made a wise move when they ported Lunar onto the PSX. Now they repeated the same success by porting Lunar 2 Eternal Blue to the PSX with improved graphics, clearer music and more dungeons to explore!

For those impatient Lunar fans out there who have already imported this game some time ago, it is exciting to know Working Designs is bringing this game over as well!

The story remain the same from the Sega CD port, so Lunar fans out there don't really care if it is still in Japanese. The game starts out with treasure hunter Hiro and companion Red dragon baby Ruby and all the fun starts when they meet Lucia at the Blue Spire.

The graphics have been greatly improved and the designs and layouts of many villages and dungeons have been reworked and look much better. Traveling from one place to another is the same as Lunar SSSC. Your characters traverse over a large map in midget form! There are many new anime cut scenes too!

The music remains largely unchanged from the Sega CD version. Bringing back fits of nostalgia for those who have played the Sega CD port of the game. But, you can tell that the music is much clearer than before making it an added plus for the game. Voices are all well done and we all know that Working Designs will do just as splendid a job as Game Arts already has.

The controls for the game are smooth and fluid. The battle system is much more detailed from Lunar SSSC but remains largely the same. The number of special skills have been cut down from the Sega CD version though. Like Lunar SSSC, the Bosses have a basic level and are always the same level as Hiro. Characters that join will also be at the same level as Hiro.

For Lunar fans out there, this game is a must buy and Working Designs has announced so far that their Special Collector's Edition of Lunar 2 will contain 5 CDs! Hopefully there won't be many delays when the English version of this game nears completion!


The character graphics have been redone, yet still manage to stay true to the emotions found in the 16-bit original.

The overworld still looks great, but the PSX version suffers from slowdown when going into battles.

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