Phantasy Star II

Publisher: Sega Developer: Sega
Reviewer: Jeremy Moore Released: 1989
Gameplay: 85% Control: N/A
Graphics: 95% Sound/Music: 87%
Story: 99% Overall: 92%

When the original Phantasy Star came out on the Master System, I never thought SEGA would ever be able capture that magic again. Then about two years later Phantasy Star 2 was released and what a game it was. By far the longest RPG I have ever played (I can beat Xenogears faster than this game takes!). Easily worthy of taking up the name and legacy of the greatest RPG ever made.

The Graphics
Like the original, the Graphics were bright and the enemies were incredible... large and detailed (and animated :). The downside was the dungeons ... top down was good but 1st person like the original would have been better. Yet Phantasy Star 2 was a new game and different didn't mean it was bad, just didn't seem too much like phantasy star. I got over it... and found huge colorful dungeons with nice scaling on the overhanging pieces of ceiling. The menus could have looked better though, but thats nothing important. The character animations in the battle screens was a very welcome addition. Graphics-95%

The music was excellent, not as memorable as the first but fitting of a game so large. A large assortment of different musical numbers are found throughout the game and never really become annoying. The sound effects are good and fit the situations well. The upbeat tempos found in the game were enjoyable and they were some of my favorites at the time. Music-87%

Wow.... can you say long and with some nice plot twists at appropriate times. You are an Agent named Rolf, a descendent of Alis Landale (heroine of PS1) working normally in Paseo of the planet Motavia, your companion Nei is a biological construct that you met sometime in your past and she is constantly at your side. You will meet many other Companions along the way ... Rudo (Rudolph Steiner) one of the toughest hunters of all time (my opinion :), Amy Sage, a doctor and a great healer, Hugh the biologist, Kain the Wrecker, Anna the guardian, and Shir Gold a thief. During the story, your goal will expand from finding a recorder to saving your entire solar system. The plot will shock and sadden you at different times... especially the ending (my jaw about hit the floor :) ... undoubtedly one of the best written plots ever. The game drags at times but never badly and keeps you involved until the end. Story-99%

OK this had a few problems.... First the good... The combat system was quick with one button press you could attack with everyone.... nice addition there. The text scrolled quickly too which was nice... Now the bad... The menus on the other hand were cumbersumb and annoying. Just healing your characters took forever and you had to carry far too many healing items as healing spell cost too many tech points and you never get a lot of tech points especially with healers like Amy. Leveling up took WAAAYY too long too but at least you became very noticeably stronger at a level advancement. 85%

Wrap up
Phantasy Star 2 had this way of sucking you into it and not letting go until you beat it. Its flaws weren't nearly enough to make you blind to its strong points namely the story. The characters were likeable and the story made you realize how much you would miss one (eventually) and the ending was worth all those sleepless nights.... and it kept you wondering. Overall-92%

Little tip-
Build up Kain, he kicks major butt with his stronger techniques and they all work in Noah the last dungeon.. and that makes beating Dark Force and the Mother Brain a lot easier.


Simple but colorful graphics. Pretty good for a 1st generation Genesis game.

The battles are the most impressive aspect with tons of animation and the now classic PS blue grid in the back.

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