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Pokemon Gold/Silver

Publisher: NintendoDeveloper: Nintendo
Reviewer: DragoonmanReleased: 11/99
Gameplay: 92%Control: N/A
Graphics: 89%Sound/Music: 83%
Story: 95%Overall: 93%

Pokemon is quite a big name in both children and teen entertainment. A hit cartoon series, a card game with a variety of sets to choose from, and now more GameBoy games. Pokemon is well known all over the world and Gold/Silver was pretty hyped up, considering it featured 100 new Pokemon, new areas, more badges, and brand spanking new character design. Now, the real question is, does it live up to the hype? It's time you found out.

The gameplay in Pokemon Gold/Silver exceeds that of any of the previously released Pokemon games and most other RPGs. Although, rather than have your character level up, your Pokemon level up instead.

You can have up to six Pokemon with you at a time, and there are a total of 251 Pokemon to choose, train, capture, and obliterate your foes with. All Pokemon have the ability to reach level 100 by gaining Experience when victorious in battle. Each Pokemon has their own unique moves that are obtained through leveling up, or you can simply teach them moves to have a sense of customization.

Just like the previous Pokemon games, magic is nowhere to be found--although the Pokemon Abilities are similar and a move can only be used so many times (then it must be refreshed at the Pokemon Center). You can also heal your Pokemon at the Center, or even store Pokemon and Items in your PC (pretty convenient).

Certain Pokemon also go through a stage called Evolution, which makes them much more powerful than their other stage. Some Pokemon require a specific kind of stone to evolve. Example: Clefairy requires a Moon Stone in order to become Clefable.

There is quite the variety of items, all have their own purpose in the game, some more significant than others. The most important items, which you CANNOT succeed without, are the Pokeballs, used to capture Pokemon when weakened in battle. The entire game takes place in overhead view accept for battles, which occur in first person.

One of the coolest features is the ability to breed Pokemon at the Daycare (requires a female and male). You can create rare and lovable Pokemon if the right combination is used.

Last but not least in the gameplay section is your two Player/Link Cable options. You can raise, train, and battle any friend to see who the Ultimate Pokemon Master is. Not enough? Then why not trade Pokemon to complete your entire Pokedex or even give one another an item.

The graphics have their ups and downs. Character design along with the level structure is pretty good, but doesn't come close to the best of the GameBoy titles, or even its full potential. There are no movie scenes to get engrossed in, but that's why the battles are so outstanding. All of the in battle graphics are remarkable, done with great color, good size, and almost perfect detail. Another cool thing about the in battle graphics are all the new Pokemon designs, few are identical to Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

As for the Sound/Music, job well done yet again. The sound effects aren't exactly what you would call realistic, but it does get the point across. They used some of the same sounds and some that you will only hear a few times, personally, I don't think anyone will really notice or even care for that matter.

The Music department was good as well. Each area has its own theme, so you don't run into a lot of the same stuff, unless you return to the same place. It wasn't the best, nor the worst, and I would not recommend buying a Soundtrack or downloading any MIDIs. Listening while playing should be enough to satisfy any diehard Pokemon needs.

Your journey begins with you (your character and desired username) in the lab of Professor Elm, where you receive your very first Pokemon! You also meet and battle your rival Gary for the first time (used as an introduction to the battle system, easy win).

Your two main goals are collecting Pokemon and storing their info in your Pokedex for all 251 Pokemon. Along with collecting 16+ badges from both Johto and Kanto. The only thing stopping you from collecting all the badges and pressing on to the most powerful trainers in all the land, is none other than... Team Rocket! Practice, train, battle, and collect to become The Pokemon Master.

Pokemon Gold/Silver honestly can be fun for all ages, although at its prime with the Elementary and JR. High kids. A lot of playtime, tons of stuff to do and an overall great game for any RPG fan.


The new pokedex feature comes in handy, and you can even get radio stations.

With 100 new pokemon and 2 new categories, Dark and Steel, battles have an added measure of strategy to them.

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