Quest 64

Publisher: THQ Developer: imagineer
Reviewer: Paul Tipton Released: 06/98
Gameplay: 50% Control: N/A
Graphics: 62% Sound/Music: 50%
Story: 47% Overall: 50%

Quest 64 is one of the few RPG titles to be released on the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately this RPG fits the description of a children's game and is certainly a poor attempt to satisfy your average RPGers. It entered the market with decent advertisement and little to no promises. Far from being a hyped game and with quite the small fan base, this game doesn't offer much.

Sad to say it, especially since this is an RPG and it should excel in this area, but the story flat out sucks. You play as a young boy named Brian, who has been practicing magic in the monastery. He sets out on an adventure to find The Magic Eltale Book along with The Four Magic Orbs. Brian's father had attempted to seek out this book as well, all to no avail and he disappeared.

As for the dialogue, it is very dull just as the story. Talking to NPCs is a waste of your time and reveals no essential information to your quest or background info. Perhaps the story wouldn't have been so boring if a different approach had been taken.

Another very poor department is the gameplay. Battles tend to happen much too frequently or don't happen enough, making the game very unbalanced. When traveling to different destinations you don't run into much, if anything at all, making for a much more lame travel. To top it off, this game features limitations in exploration. There are invisible barriers preventing you from passing certain points in the game.

Magic is based on four different elements such as Fire, Wind, Earth and Water. Your magic becomes more powerful as you gain levels by defeating monsters and bosses. Battles are turn based and your movement is limited to an octagonal area, which increases as you level up. There aren't too many items that you can get, so there isn't any room for experimenting.

Graphics have their ups and downs, first lets cover the ups. The scenic view is awesome, towns were well done, and all of the visual elements look really nice. A few glitches occur every now and then, but most games face the same problem. The downside of all this is pretty disappointing if you ask me. Magic attacks are a very sad sight indeed. You have to wonder why THQ went through the embarrassment of actually including these, especially when magic is a prime factor in battling.

The music would have been decent if it weren't drowned by the irritating sound effects. Not only were they crap; they were far from anything realistic. The music has kind of an Irish hint to it, although I can't personally back that up, my friend listens to that genre and pointed that out to me.

Overall Quest 64 is the kind of game that sits in your closet and gets infested with dust mites. If you are a younger gamer, you may find this to be a bit fun. As for all of you older and more hard-core gamers, I strongly advise you to stay clear away from this RPG the Nintendo must bare on its system.

Paul Tipton

The towns look nice.

Next to FF7 and just about any other RPG, the spell effects in Quest 64 seem laughable.

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