Ys Eternal

Publisher: Hudson Developer: Falcom
Reviewer: Ghaleon Released: 1997
Gameplay: 85% Control: 95%
Graphics: 100% Sound/Music: 99%
Story: 96% Overall: 94%

Ys Eternal was a masterpiece in many ways, and I have yet to find a series of games that are as enjoyable as Ys. Ys Eternal is the remake of Ys 1 or the first half of Ys Book 1&2. Although it is the best incantation of the game available there are still a few flaws. Allow me to go on about all the points of the game.

The 2d graphics and anime artwork are beautiful and make the game very enjoyable. The final battle, for example is incredible. The control is very good but without a gravis or a good joystick you may find the bosses can be more difficult then they have to be because a lot of it requires perfect moves which allow no room for mistakes.

The sound and music is nothing but godlike and one of the greatest sound tracks of all time, however I do prefer Ys Books 1&2 original CD music a bit better because it is less synthesized-sounding. However, the music is still vastly superior to any other games I have played.

The storyline of the first Ys game I give such a high rating because of its sequels'. Ys Eternal had a very good storyline on its own, but it is a tad bit weak. Big evil guy sits in his tower for the whole game and waits for you. In truth it doesn't seem like he's doing anything wrong except living, although he is a very cool looking villain with a cool background. His development in the game is rather week.

The characters you meet up with are very nice and the game ends in a cliff hanger waiting for the second one.

Gameplay is perhaps my only regret about the game because it is still way too short, and the dungeons offer little variety because there are only three. In addition, they are identical map layouts to the originals as well. The problem still exists that buying some equipment is quite pointless because you find much better stuff very early in the game. Gold becomes useless after the first dungeon, and my biggest complaint is that, since you level up very quickly and gain incredible powers from each level up, the maximum level is only 10! You hit that before the final dungeon making the game very unbalanced level-wise. The final part of the gameplay, and I suppose this is a good thing, is that regular enemies are very easy, easier then any versions of the game thus far. However the bosses are incredibly difficult and being a max level of 10 the bosses throughout Darm Tower at the end take about 75% of the time actually playing the game. I have yet to beat the final boss. In my opinion he is impossible, but I wont give up. It's very nice to see such difficult bosses that give you true satisfaction in the deathblow. Ys Eternal contains the most difficult boss battles and final battle I have faced in any game.

Overall I would say I am disappointed that the voice acting and anime cinemas no longer exist. Also, I expected the game to be longer with a few more dungeons and found that they had not added any. However, the game is very incredible still. The graphics alone make up for those missing aspects and Ys Eternal, and it is definitely the best release of Ys 1. I have great confidence Ys Eternal II will surpass it.

If you have played the original Ys 1 games in English and understand the story then definitely try to get this game, you wont regret it.


Beautiful Anime in Hi-Res, you gotta love it.

One of the best soundtrack EVER made for a game.

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