The Legend of Zelda

Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo
Reviewer: Robin Andersson Released: 1986
Gameplay: 85% Control: 75%
Graphics: 87% Sound/Music: 95%
Story: 80% Overall: 87%

This was the first RPG-game I played and I loved it, and I must admit, I still love it. When you take the role as Link, an adventurer, your mission is to kill Ganon, the bad guy in this game. But before you can find Ganon and kill him, you have to find some key items first. The key items are located in underground mazes. Each of these underground mazes contains a boss.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really good, for the NES that is. You travel around Hyrule, (I think it's spelled that way, I might as well tell you that you that Im a Swedish guy so my spelling may not be that good) in search of money, cheap shops and of course Ganon. The "world map" is divided into squares, and one square covers the whole screen.

The game also includes a map, so you can navigate yourself around Hyrule, but some of the areas of the map are missing so you will have to discover those areas yourself. There are not so many secrets to reveal, although in some of the dungeons there are some weapons that you don't need to find to finish the game. Also, in the stores you can buy a candle, which you can use to burn down bushes and reveal secret stairways.

The enemies in the game should not cause any serious problems, but there are some really annoying knight statues in front of the dungeons, and if you touch them they will come alive. They are some really, really fast moving guys. Some of the bosses are tricky, and you have to figure out how to kill them. For example, you have to feed the Dodongos with your bombs. This game is really easily played, and you learn it very quickly. I give it a score of 85/100 in gameplay.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are not bad and not great, but somewhere in the middle. You can see what you need to see and that is all. But considering it is a NES game, its graphics are very good. The game is seen from a three-quarter overhead perspective, giving it a classic look. I give graphics 87/100.

Control: The control is very simple. You only have two buttons to choose from, the A and the B buttons, and of course select and start. With the A button you use your primary weapon, the sword, and with the B button your secondary weapon, like bombs or the candle. It's not that hard to understand. The score for control will be 75/100.

Sound: The sound in the game is okay. You hear a little moaning when you get hit by enemies, and some explosion sound when you fire a bomb, nothing really special. But the music, that is something special. I will never forget the classic theme song when you see the title screen, and the music when you are up on the surface. It's fantastic! And the music down in the mazes is not that great but it fits in there. I give sound a great score of 95/100.

Story: This is a classic RPG with a classic story. An evil force is trying to take over the world and he has kidnapped your loved one. There is not much more to say about the story, but it works. And when you finally get to meet Ganon and kill him, you feel kind of proud of yourself. Story points 80/100

Overall: I just love this game and so should you! It's great and anyone who doesn't have this game should go to the nearest shop and buy it. You've just got to have it. I give it an overall point score of 87/100.


Introducing the RPG staple: the shop and shopkeeper. You saw it here first, fans.

Labarynths, forests, even this shoreline are all done with care, and so are those enemies.

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