Alundra OGS

Catalog Number: ARCJ-66
Released On: May 21, 1997
Composed By: Kouhei Tanaka
Arranged By: Kouhei Tanaka, Juji Nakamura, Akihiko Shimizu
Published By: Antinos Records
Recorded At: Z'd Studio
Format: 1 CD

01 - Alundra
02 - The Village of Inoa
03 - The Wind That Spans the Earth
04 - The House of Taurus
05 - Nightmare
06 - Requiem
07 - The Coal Mine Where Devils Lurk
08 - Tower of the Great Tree
09 - Catacomb of the Sage Ra'a
10 - Desert Temple
11 - Coastal Cave
12 - Kline's Dream
13 - The Lizardman's Lair
14 - Mediam's Past
15 - Nirude, the Forgotten God
16 - The Small Nation, Miming
17 - Fairies of the River Bottom
18 - Tohra, the Mountain of Flame
19 - The Twins' Dream
20 - The Mad Priest Roein
21 - The Holy Demon Shrine, Arisen
22 - Insane Black Angel, Attack
23 - The Inhuman One
24 - God's Merciless Anger
25 - Spirit Parasite Melzas
26 - Remembrance of the Journey
27 - Ending
28 - Tears (Staff Roll)
Total Time:

The Alundra OGS (Original Game Soundtrack) is only 1 CD, and it doesn't have EVERY single song from the game, because a few songs were just the same song with different usage of instruments. You will not find the English credits song on this CD, but rather, the Japanese song...Called "Tears." There are a total of 28 tracks, adding up to over 65 minutes of music. There is no repeat for the songs, it just begins where the track loop would be and fades out. The music is stunning, and the eerieness and mystery of the music captivates any fan of Tanaka's music. There are 1 or 2 tracks that should've never been written, but the soundtrack as a whole gets a 4 out of 5. It's very hard to find, I got mine at Anime Nation, but they told me that I got the last one in stock, so you might not be able to find it unless you do a special order somewhere, or keep checking on eBay.

Edit: Extra special thanks to "Maou" for making the tracklist much more accurate.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann