Atelier Elie ~Alchemist of Salburg 2~ OGS

[back cover]
Catalog Number: SRCL-4457/8
Released On: January 30, 1999
Composed By: Akira Tsuchiya, Toshiharu Yamanishi, J.S. Bach (1-04), Johann Pachelbel (2-38)
Arranged By: Akira Tsuchiya
Published By: Sony Records
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One ~Book of Rich Harvest~
01 - Invitation to Dream of You (Unknown)
02 - A Big Production
03 - The Trail of Fallen Leaves
04 - BWV 1068 Air
05 - We're Working Now! Let’s Keep At It
06 - My Paradise ★
07 - While Reading Alcott
08 - The Corner Alchemist
09 - Dance at the Magic Castle
10 - Ring of the Fruit of Selfishness
11 - A Sea Urchin's Situation
12 - Calling on the Bully's Alliance!
13 - Fanti • caminal
14 - Heaven and Earth -TENCHi-
15 - Minute Crystal -BISYo-
16 - No. 20 "The Way of Beauty"
17 - The Small Child's Baile
18 - What's There at the Edge
19 - Firing 1000 People
20 - Sad Vampire
21 - Irregular Song Gallery
22 - Welcome to the Room of Distortion!
23 - To the Other Side of the Rainbow
24 - Orchestra "Wandering Cloud"
25 - Orchestra "And Now, a Performance!"
26 - Orchestra "To Lovely You"
27 - Orchestra "Walkin' Sunshine"
28 - Orchestra "Rainbow-Colored Canvas"
29 - Orchestra "Sky Song"
30 - Solo "Puppy Love"
31 - Solo "Sea-Colored Bottle"
32 - Solo "Following the Morning Fog"
33 - Solo "Moon Legend"
34 - Inserted Song "Whirling Rondo"
Total Time:

Disc Two ~Book of the New Land~
01 - The Story of the Seagull Who Couldn't Fly
02 - The Dragon's Treasure Box
03 - Stone Monument
04 - Like the Wind, Like a Bird
05 - Summer of Cutting Watermelons
06 - A Lunch at Papau Beach
07 - To Catch Hold of Tomorrow's Wind...
08 - The Gift Given by the Storm
09 - Did You See the End?
10 - Promenade Concerto
11 - The Dusk I Saw When I Was Young
12 - Rest...
13 - Modest Hopes
14 - The Discovered Dandelion
15 - And Now, an Examination!!
16 - It's Certainly Possible!...
17 - Pencil of Roaring Miracles!
18 - Power Given in Moderation
19 - To the Summit...
20 - Fierce Fighting
21 - With Honor!
22 - Carnival in the Street
23 - I, Pikke
24 - Be Quiet!!
25 - ...Who?
26 - Fairy Drops
27 - Tohoho...
28 - Silver Bell
29 - China
30 - The Earth's Lamentation
31 - One Million Percent Happiness
32 - What Is Alchemy?
33 - Firefly Forest
34 - Revelation
35 - A Request That Was Granted
36 - That Magnificent Radiance
37 - Come Out! Urchin Warlock
38 - Pachelbel's Canon
39 - B • A • D
40 - Songstress -Utahime-
41 - Radiance, Become Eternal
42 - Searching For the Legendary Bird
43 - Ending Theme "If Only It Were Tomorrow"
Total Time:

Second in the Atelier series, Atelier Elie was the first to be graced with the musical styles of Akira Tsuchiya, who continued to work on music for Atelier games up to Iris (which is the sixth Atelier game). Toshiharu Yamanishi, who was responsible for Atelier Marie, is credited on this soundtrack primarily for songs from Marie that were also used in Elie.

Before I go into reviewing the music any further, I'd like to point out from the start that this album is fairly hard to find, and that an alternative to the OGS is Team Entertainment's "Atelier Elie Unknown Origin", which has about half of the tracks from the OGS in an upgraded format (for those wondering, the "Orchestra" tracks on disc one are all played in an impromptu jazz session "At the Floating Restaurant" on Unknown Origin).

So, for you collectors, Atelier Elie OGS is quite the prize indeed. This complete two disc set has some of Tsuchiya's earliest and most raw writings. Songs like "The Small Child's Baile" and "The Gift Given By the Storm" showcase Tsuchiya's talents in action. Furthermore, these songs aren't found on Unknown Origin. While that collection did a good job in picking out many of the better songs from this 77-track OGS, there were still plenty of gems to dig up.

Two tracks on disc two that I have sampled and believe are worth your attention are "Firefly Forest" and "BAD." The former features some incredible rushed-triplet arpeggiated action happening in the background: I was very impressed with this. The latter is simply one of the most sinister pieces I've ever heard, and the literal banging on the piano makes for a wonderful effect. Three cheers for Tsuchiya!

There are two vocal tracks on this album, both are performed by Miki Nagasawa. "Whirling Rondo" is definitely the cheesier of the two, which is precisely why I provided you with the sample. I wasn't impressed with either song, so enjoy this one.

In case you care, the packaging is also very wonderful, complete with character artwork and bios. Did you know that Elie's full name is Elfir Traum? Well, now you know!

Among all the Atelier soundtracks out there, I'd rank this one above Marie and Lilie, but maybe slightly below Elie's "Unknown Origin." It is preferable to be exposed to a game's entire roster of songs, but the limitations in audio on this album left me wanting more. Regardless, stellar compositions that would later evolve into the "Atelier style" began here, thus making it a key piece of VGM history.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann