Atelier Lilie ~Alchemist of Salburg 3~ OST

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Catalog Number: SCDC-00118/9
Released On: July 18, 2001
Composed By: Miyoko Kobayashi, Akira Tsuchiya
Arranged By: Miyoko Kobayashi, Akira Tsuchiya
Published By: Scitron Discs
Recorded At: Unknown
Format: 2 CDs

Disc One
01 - To Lands Ahead
02 - My Favorite Story
03 - Mixing Now!
04 - My Private Space
05 - The Room Turned Into a Mess...
06 - Every Day's a Carnival
07 - Harvest Crossing
08 - Bruce at the Weapon Shop
09 - Congratulations! Grand Opening
10 - Karin's Iron Manufacturing Studio
11 - The General Store Clerk In Your Town
12 - The Erratic General Store Clerk
13 - With Althena
14 - Palace's Exhibition
15 - The Investigator Caspar
16 - The Emerald Lady
18 - Let's Go Outside
19 - Let's Go Camping with Everybody
20 - Defeat! The Bully's Alliance
21 - Let's Take a Stroll
22 - Holy Drops
23 - Far Mountain Top
24 - The Land That Tells Time
25 - Mushroom Forest
26 - The Great Stream
27 - Pulse of the Earth
28 - An Abandoned Mine in the Dark
29 - Forest of Secrets
30 - The Evil Tower
31 - We'll Go As Far As It Takes
32 - A Village Hidden Deep in the Forest
33 - The First Village
34 - The Dreaming Village
35 - A Castle in the Eastern Land
36 - Believe in the Future
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Disc Two
01 - Alchemy Master
02 - Hello, Ingrid!
03 - Hello, Hermina!
04 - Reliable Brother
05 - My Name's Ulrich
06 - The Boy from the Poppy Fields
07 - Capricious Brother
08 - A Girl in Crimson Armor
09 - Let's Eat!
10 - Just Like That Cloud
11 - Campus Resident
12 - Iron Forger Karin
13 - He Who Prays
14 - A Fake Alchemist Appears
15 - Cute Visitor
16 - Like You, Like Me
17 - Nostalgia
18 - Maddening Red Sky
19 - There is Sorrow in my Heart
20 - ...What?
21 - Our Everyday Routine
22 - Secret Experiment in Progress
23 - Summoning the Apparition
24 - On a Dark Night
25 - Mystery of the Lake's Bottom
26 - Miracle Flower
27 - I'm Practicing Right Now
28 - Fun Summer Festival
29 - Aiming For Victory
30 - Black Terror
31 - Plus Battle
32 - Witch's Forest
33 - Fear of the Giant Puni
34 - Giant Puni Slayer
35 - Puni is Leaving
36 - Wolf King
37 - The Mountain Lord Appears
38 - The Demon Haunting the Tower
39 - I'll See You All the Time
40 - At the Edge of Exertion
41 - In This Town
42 - To Another World
43 - On the Other Side of a Dream
44 - Upper World
45 - The Usual
46 - Little Endian
47 - Seeing the Ocean From the Hilltop
48 - Well Now...
49 - The Oversized Tambor and Fife Ensemble
50 - Concerto for the Victor
51 - Lily Drops
52 - Autobiography
53 - The Sound of Whistling on the Street Corner
54 - Dawn
55 - Explorer
56 - The Eyes of the Wise
57 - Now, With Hands Together
58 - Beginning
59 - Footprints
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The Atelier Lilie soundtrack features more songs than any previous Atelier soundtrack. It is a powerhouse of music. Unfortunately, we must recognize that quantity and quality are two different things, especially in the case of this two disc set.

Wait, wait, wait! Don't be taken aback by this warning! This is still the high-quality music you would expect to find on an Atelier soundtrack. It's not my favorite, but it's still got some amazing stuff on it.

Between the two discs, the first disc is out and out the better of the two. I suspect this is because the majority of these tracks are by Tsuchiya, the musical mastermind behind the majority of the Atelier series. However, even though a lot of these songs are great, they seem to be borrowing from another "great" in the world of VGM. I am referring to the musician behind Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3, Hiroki Kikuta. Kikuta has a remarkable ability to use sounds once un-usable in VGM and make them sound pleasant...even more than pleasant, they sound as though they are touched by wisdom and innovation, infected with some form of goodness that is at the same time natural (that is, of nature: green and growing) and artificial (that is, of man: mechanical and a dark gray). I find this style to be most obvious in songs like disc 1 track 20, which has a similar sound to some songs on Kikuta's "Soukaigi" soundtrack. "Mushroom Forest", another great song, seems to be borrowing synths and familiar melodies from Kikuta. "Far Mountain Top" has synths reminiscent of Mitsuda's work in Xenogears. These songs, which sound so similar to other games, yet maintain that distinct "Atelier" sound, are certainly marvels to behold, but they seem to lack the ingenuity found on many other Atelier soundtracks.

The second disc gets a whole lot more boring than the first. It is difficult for one disc with nearly 60 tracks to leave a lasting impression on anyone: those are just too many songs to fit in the span of one disc. While the first disc has plenty of good and memorable tunes, the second seems to be devoid of such things.

Atelier vocal songs have been good and bad, but I have found that there is a consistent goodness about the two vocal songs in Atelier Lilie. Being the last track of each disc, they round out the experience of each disc nicely. "Footprints" (in Japanese, "Ashiato") is one of the best Atelier vocals to date, and "Believe in the Future" is quite a contender as well (though Ashiato is still worlds better).

I think I ought to end this review short and sweet, with a quick restatement of all I just said. The vocals are good. Disc two is bland. Disc one is good, but features sounds you've heard before. Overall, I'd search out other Atelier soundtracks before this one, but that doesn't mean it is at all bad; just not as good as the others in this overall great series (at least, it's great musically!). Let the samples be your aural guide in agreeing or disagreeing with my judgment.

Reviewed by: Patrick Gann